Perlite 250 GM

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Expanded Perlite is a unique inorganic addition to amend the heavy soils to make them light weight while still retaining moisture and nutrients.
This high quality product is widely loved by gardeners for its benefits.




Expanded perlite is wonderful inorganic product made up of volcanic soil. Perlite improves soils draining capacity while still retaining moisture.This is suitable for plants in pots and ground and can be used indoors, in terrace gardening, kitchen gardens etc.

Care Instructions

  • Store in dry place
  • Keep it away from the reach of the children
  • Consult physician if ingested


  • Improves drainage and aeration in soilFree from disease and weedsRetains ample moistureLight weight, clean handling

How To Use?

  • Use in heavy clay soils if you want to enhance drainage in soil
  • Just mix equally with your garden soil to fill the pots For existing plants in pots loosen the soil without damaging roots and mix it in soil well


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