Snowbush Plant

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  •  Live plant along with plastic pot
  •  plants height with pot is 1 feet and pot size is 5 inches diameter.
  •  plants nature is outdoor-semi shade, alternate day watering

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Snowbush Plant

Snowbush (Breynia disticha) is an ornamental evergreen shrub with mottled pink, rose, white and green leaves. Used as a shrub border or can be used in containers for portable color.

Native to Pacific islands, it is grown as an indoor plant or perennial, or as an annual in cooler climates. Snowbush is an evergreen shrub growing to 3 feet or more with pink and red stems in zigzagged formation. The tiny flowers go generally unnoticed.


Full sun provides best color and growth results. Early spring fertilization is recommended. Light pruning may be necessary to keep the compact habit.

Planting and care

Pinch out stem tips when young to promote branching growth. Make this tropical beauty feel at home by boosting the humidity around it. Set the pot on a pebble tray or use a room humidifier to keep the relative humidity above 50%. Also keep the soil moist at all times. Snow Bush grows quickly and will get quite large if not pruned. Cut the stems with sharp pruners to avoid tearing them. Make the cut just above a leaf node at a 45 degrees angle. Prune to your heart’s content you will not hurt this vigorous grower. Re-pot in spring. This fast-growing shrub will need a new home every couple years. Move it up to a pot one size larger when it outgrows its current one.

In the garden, grow in fertile soil and partial or light dappled shade, especially in the hot summer months, and consistently moist soil. Pinch out stem tips when young to promote branching growth.
Indoors, grow in bright filtered light with ample water during the growing season. Fertilize monthly. Water sparingly in winter.

Sunlight Moderate to bright indirect light
Watering Water thoroughly and often to maintain moist soil. Do not allow the soil to dry out at any time.
Soil Good-quality house plant potting mix.
Temperature Average room temperatures 65-75 degrees F/18-24 degrees C. This tender tropical will tolerate a minimum of 60 degrees F/16 degrees C.
Fertilizer Feed every 2 to 3 weeks in spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.


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