Tagar Mini Plant


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  •  Live plant along with Plastic pot
  •  Plants height with pot is approx. 1 feet and pot size is 6 inch
  •  Plants nature is outdoor & love full sun.
  •  Required watering once in 3 days
  •  Annual Flowering & hardy plant


Tagar Mini Plant

Tabernaemontana divaricata commonly called pinwheel flower, crape jasmine, East India rosebay, and Nero’s crown. That is an evergreen shrub native to India and now cultivated throughout South East Asia and the warmer regions of continental Asia. It’s easily grown tropical shrub and Tolerant of full sun.

Planting and care

Sunlight: Full Sun, Semi-Shade
Water: Water when soil feels dry to the touch, do not over-water.
Fertiliser: Keep your plant in top form by feeding it every few weeks with a dilute solution of liquid fertiliser or soild fertiliser over the soil. well drained soil.



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