8″ Coir Hanging Pot

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  • The package includes 5 sets(metal basket,liner(coir pot) and metal chain). The top diameter of the basket is 8 inch
  •  Useful for hanging garden balcony, railings.
  •  Made from Coconut fiber
  • Durable and light weight planter
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Coir Hanging Basket

  • Coir hanging pots can serve gardening needs in a better way compared to plastic or earthen pots. Light weight & easy to handle. – bio-degradable.
  • coir hanging baskets are made up of coir pots and metal baskets with chain.
  • Coir pots observes the water and keeps the plant more fresh.Retains moisture for longer period of time
  • Baskets are Eco-friendly and lasts for longer period of time.Reduces the need for watering by as much as 50 percent.

Coir plant container

Pre-formed liners made from coir (coconut fiber) come in various sizes and are placed over the top of the container and gently pushed down so the liner conforms to the container.

Coir liner

Coir liner lend a natural look to a hanging basket. The sheets of brown coconut fiber mold to the container. The natural fibers in coir allow for extra drainage and air circulation for the plants.


Made from natural coconut husks, coco coir liners are thick, long-lasting, and absorbent. It will hold water and release it slowly to keep the soil moist. They’re also pH-balanced, which helps to maintain healthy soil, and biodegradable, which means they won’t have an impact on the environment.


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