Why Shop With Us

1. Bangalore based online plant nursery, we Hand-Deliver fresh & healthy plants directly from our warehouse to your home

Yoidentity Why Choose Us

2. No immediate re-potting required because before sending your plants we are shifting them into a bigger size pot. So that your plant can grow in a same pot at least for six months to one year easily

3. You are going to receive cleaned plants & pots for sure because before sending you any of our products we clean them properly just before the Delivery which you can feel after receiving them

4. You are not just going to buy a fresh and healthy plant with us, but also going to receive the detailed information on how to keep your plants happy and healthy

5. All orders will be delivered in 5-10 working days or as per the delivery date agreed at the time of order confirmation. For same day delivery please contact us at 08970715515