Fountain Bamboo Plant L

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  •  Live plant along with plastic pot
  •  plants height with pot is approx 3-4.5 feet and pot size is 14-16 inches.
  •  Plants nature is outdoor and love direct sun light.
  •  Best plant for hedging, useful for topiary garden.
  •  Required watering once in a day
  •  It can be grown successfully in lowlands on rich loam or alluvial soils, where humidity is high.


Fountain Bamboo, Clumping Bamboo, Pillar Bamboo, Bamboo Fargesia Plant

  • Fargesia is one of the best types of bamboos as it is short and has many small canes, and a much more delicate appearance than more thuggish members of the family.
  • This non-invasive dwarf bamboo produces masses of new culms with a rusty tinge which then green up and unfurl masses of tiny thin green leaves, which are evergreen so last all year round.
  • The canes are very slender and thin, so they gently arch over, hence it’s common name of ‘Fountain Bamboo’.
  • They are spectacular in big pots on the patio, and an ideal bamboo for small gardens but they also form a neat, dense and easy-care non-trim hedge.

Planting and care

Top Tips

  • Bamboos are best restricted when planting either by incorporating a barrier or by growing in a large pot.
  • Best planted in spring so that the food reserves in the rhizome are used to produce a good flush of fresh canes in summer.

Care Guide

  • Before planting, dig over the ground and add well-rotted manure or garden compost.
  • Dig a planting hole so that the rootball sits slightly lower, with 2-3cm (1in) of soil covering the original surface
    Backfill the hole, taking care not to damage the young rhizomes, then water and mulch.
  • Water regularly and ensure that bamboo plants in containers do not dry out even in winter as the foliage is prone to wind scorch.
  • Give a high nitrogen feed in spring and apply a balanced fertiliser through the rest of the growing season until late August.
  • New bamboo plants can be contained within a physical barrier to prevent them spreading through beds and borders.
  • Divide the bamboo every couple of years.
  • In spring, remove any weak, dead, damaged or spindly canes, cutting them to ground level with secateurs or loppers, at the same time remove any debris at the base of clumps.
  • Smaller bamboos are ideal grown in a container at least 45cm (18in) across.
  • In very cold weather, insulate containers with bubble wrap or move them to frost-free conditions.


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