Homalomena Maggie Plant

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  •  Live plant along with Plastic pot.
  •  Plants height with pot is 1.5-2 feet and pot size is 10-12 inches.
  •  Plants nature is indoor/semi shade, less watering.
  •  Best house plant
  •  Best foliage plants, useful for table top and gift plants.


Homalomena Maggie Plant

Homalomena rubescens ‘maggy’ is native of Assam or Bangladesh, Southern Asia. It enjoys the damp, humid environment of the rainforest floor, receiving soft dappled light through the canopy.

Part of the ever popular aroid family, Homalomenas are the lesser known relative of philodendrons, so make for an unusual, eye-catching houseplant.


Planting and care

  • Light: Thrives in medium indirect filtered light, can tolerate lower light but growth will
    slow. Too much sun will scorch the foliage.
  • Water: Keep soil moist using water at room temperature, but do not allow the plant to
    sit in water. Aerate the soil before watering. In cooler temperatures reduce watering.
  • Humidity: Moderate-high humidity, Maggy does well in normal household conditions,
    but keep away from heaters and cold draughts.
    Temperature: Homalomena will thrive in temperatures of 16-32°C and is pretty
    resilient to lower temperatures too.
  • Soil: A free-draining organic potting mix which allows breathability for the roots.
  • Fertilizer: This houseplant likes regular fertilising; twice a month during the growing
    season (Spring and Summer). Use a balanced fertiliser and be sure to dilute correctly
    as over-feeding can cause some damage to the plant. If the potting medium is
    particularly dry, water lightly before feeding to avoid fertiliser burning the roots.
  • Re-potting: These plants grow best when slightly root-bound, so don’t need to be
    repotted regularly. The ideal time to re-pot is early Spring when the plant has actively
    started growing after its winter rest. Roots ‘circling’ around the bottom of the nursery
    pot is an indication that re-potting is needed. Increase pot size by just a few
    centimetres, no drastic jumps.
  • Pruning: It is sometimes necessary to prune Homalomena plants; using a sterile
    blade, cut the stem approximately 5cm above soil level, do not tear the stem. If
    possible, wait for old leaves to dry out before removing to allow the process of nutrient
    transfer back to the main plant to be conducted.
  • Propagation: Homalomena is best propagated by division during active growth, so
    separate crowded plants into smaller pots in early Spring..


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