Liquid Plant Food 250ML

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  • Organic Liquid Fertilizer 250 ml.
  •  Useful for all types of garden plants.
  •  Mix with the potting media or directly apply on potted plants.
  •  Repeat fertilizers between 30 to 45 days.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer NPK

Yoidentity Organic Liquid Plant Food NPK developed with all-natural super ingredients that any grower can easily use. Using our natural nutrients in your grow provides the perfect blend for all types of plants, including flowers, vegetables, trees, hydroponic, shrubs and houseplants. The liquid formulation spreads uniformly in water and soil to provide a constant amount of plant minerals and proteins. Our advanced premium fertilizer enriches the soil and water and helps to enhance the beneficial microbes. Give your plants a drink of Yoidentity NPK Plant Food to boost essentials to promote rapid rooting, growth and super bloom.

How to use Yoidentity organic Liquid Plant Food

  • Shake the bottle before mixing with water.
  • Add 5 ml of Yoidentity Organic Liquid Plant Food NPK per litre of water.
  • Feed your plants with the mixture.
  • Repeat the procedure once per week for better results.

Cautions Yoidentity Organic Liquid Plant Food

Do not overdose the plants with Yoidentity Organic Liquid Plant Food.





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