Pilea Peperomioides Plant

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  •  Live plant along with Plastic pot.
  •  Plants height with pot is 9 inch and pot size is 4-5 inch diameter.
  •  Plants nature is indoor-semi shade, watering once in 4 days.
  •  Useful for gifts Plants, table top Plants, terrariums & fairy gardens.
  •  Best succulent with beautiful texture, hardy plant & low maintenance.


Pilea Peperomioides Plant, Chinese Money Plant

The pilea peperomioides is the cute little kid on the block. Also known as the Chinese money plant, due to its coin shaped leaves, the pilea is any gardener’s delight to grow. It is equally comfortable running the show alone as it is in being part of a bigger cluster.

Planting and care

Light Requirements :Pilea loves a full day of bright indiirect light
Locations :Some of the best locations for your pilea are near a north or east facing window or farther away from a south facing window to avoid direct light.
Styling/decor tip :The pilea looks good. Period. Use it as centre piece or make it a part of larger plant cluster, it’s a scene stealer from the most veteran to its counterparts. Plant it in a non-fussy monochrome planter and let the foliage steal the show for you. Its coin shaped leaves also signifies flow of good energy.

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Fertilise your plant with a general plant fertiliser about once a month.
Repotting : Repot your pilea every year in a bigger pot.
Propogation : The pilea is propagated through the daughter plants that grow surrounding the mother plant.

Common Problems

  1. How much sun does a Chinese money plant need?
    Pilea prefers bright, indirect light. Too much direct sun will scorch the round leaves.
    2. Why is my pilea dropping leaves?
    Overwatering is a common problem with Pilea. Not always it’s caused by giving the plant too much water, but also by insufficient drainage.
    3. How fast do Chinese money plants grow?
    he Chinese Money Plant is a quick grower and, if given the correct amount of light, they can double in size each year.


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