Giloy, Amruthaballi Plant

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  •  Live plant along with plastic pot
  •  Plants height with pot is approx 1 feet and pot size is 5-6 inches diameter.
  •  Plants nature is outdoor need sunlight.
  •  Useful for edible Plants, herbs & medicinal plants
  •  Rare herb plants & medicinal plant.


Giloy, Amruthaballi Plant

Giloy, also known as Amrita or Guduchi in Hindi, is an herb that helps boost immunity. It has heart-shaped leaves that resemble betel leaves. Giloy is beneficial for diabetic patients as it is bitter in taste and helps in managing blood glucose levels. It also improves metabolism and is useful for weight management.


Care for Giloy

  • Giloy prefers a sunny site with fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Apply any Organic Fertilizer.

Medicinal Use:

  • Giloy removes toxins from the body, purifies the blood and fights bacteria.
  • Known by its practitioners to treat convalescence from severe illness, arthritis (or joint diseases), liver disease, eye diseases, urinary problems, anemia, cancer, diarrhea, and diabetes.
  • The plant is cultivated by stem cutting in the month of May-June and used in Tibetan medicine
  • The herb is known to have a sweet, bitter and acid taste.
  • Extracted from the stem and root is a nutrient starch used to treat chronic diarrhea and dysentery.


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